Do You Know The Development Story Of Lingerie?

2021-10-13 | Lingerie Stories

Lingerie(Underwear) refers to clothing worn close to the body, including bellybands, undershirts, sweat shirts, half-arms, tube tops, bras, etc., which are usually in direct contact with the skin and are one of the indispensable clothing for modern people.

The word lingerie comes directly from French meaning underwear and is used exclusively for lighter female undergarments. [3] The French word in its original form derives from the

Old French word linge, meaning 'linen'. Lingerie as a word was first used in 1922 to refer to underwear and bras. [4] The informal usage suggests visually appealing or even erotic clothing.

Although most lingerie is intended for women, some manufacturers now design lingerie for men as well.

In the ancient times of China, we have started to use 10 pieces/cm of linen as underwear, but there was no difference between underwear and outerwear at that time, but it played a role of covering and keeping warm! With the development of textile technology, underwear is gradually distinguished from outerwear. In the Song and Tang dynasties of China, there are also historical pictures to show what the underwear of ancient women looked like. In the Qing Dynasty, foreign fabrics began to enter China. At this time, foreign underwear The style has really entered the Chinese market!

Since the 1990s, with the continuous update of fabrics, people's pursuit of products has begun to improve, not only to meet the comfort of wearing, but also to shape the beauty of the body. In contemporary times, modern people not only value health care, but also have a sense of beauty and seduction! More than 10 years ago, we at Queenfox have grown from an underwear manufacturer to a professional design and production enterprise of sexy underwear. We have worked with many clothing brands to make underwear before, and have produced a lot of hot styles.


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