As a Novice How to start a new Lingerie company or Store?

2021-11-22 | Lingerie Stories

Queenfox, as an underwear manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, can give entrepreneurs more ideas on underwear sales.

1. If you still don't know the source of underwear, it is recommended to find a similar company to work for three months. Although most underwear shops recruit sales girls, men are also needed for warehouse management and purchasing.

2.The supply of goods is roughly divided into three types: manufacturers, wholesale markets, and brand franchise. Manufacturers have a large demand and high inventory pressure. If you just open a store, you may not have this ability. The wholesale market is more flexible but less profitable, but it should be the most suitable store to start. If you want to join the brand, you need to have a deep understanding of the major underwear brands. The practice of charging franchise fees is different for each brand. The headquarters will give you decoration instructions and sales indicators. If you choose a good store, you can settle the accounts yourself and pay for the franchise fee, some brand franchise stores are also good choices.

3. Store location

I have a lot of knowledge, and I have little relevant experience, and everything I can say can be found on the Internet. The important thing is to run more and observe more by yourself. Observe a place in the morning, at night and in the evening for a week.

4. Staff training

It is best to be experienced women, so that they can play the greatest role in product selection and product promotion!



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